Best Welding Machines
Best Welding Machines
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Best TIG Welders

5 Rookie mistakes to avoid when Welding

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when learning how to weld. From too long an arc to welding with too much ……..  KEEP READING

Types of Welds

There are five major welding joint types, which are each made to stand up to the needs and forces of different applications.

Keep reading to learn about each of the different weld types and how they can apply to a career in the field:…..  KEEP READING


Best Welders for Home Workshop

Essential Welding Accessories for the Home Workshop

The Welding Helmet first and essential basic welding tool is a must-have for anyone welding. There is a huge difference in welding helmets and you don’t have to spend big money get a good one…. KEEP READING

Earthing your clamp or clamping your earth?

Why they're SO important

The condition quality and design of an earth clamp or ground clamp are much more important than you might think. A bad welding machine makes….. KEEP READING

Learn the basics of welding in a day.

Simple to learn, but it takes years to master those skills. And you’ll still spend a lifetime learning the little things that make an artist. As a beginning welder, you need a machine that’s easy to set up and use, to minimize mistakes and build your confidence….. KEEP READING