Best Beginner Welders (MIG, TIG, STICK) Reviews and Top Picks

You can learn most of the basics of welding in a single day.

Simple to learn, but it takes years to truly master those skills. And you’ll still spend a lifetime learning the little things that make an artist. As a beginning welder, you need a machine that’s easy to set up and use, to minimize mistakes and build your confidence.

But you still need enough power to do useful work, along with a decent set of features that will let you grow your skill over the years.  We’ve rounded up a nice selection of welders suitable for beginners.

Choosing Your Welding Process

Check your needs in the table below and you’ll know right away which direction to go in your search for the perfect machine.

Process:Benefits:Best For:
TIGPrecision, strong, heat control, beautyExposed welds, bodywork, aviation
MIGEasy to learn, versatile, rapid productionEquipment repair, fabrication, fast work
StickCheap, most materials, fastWind, rusty steel, high strength
Flux CoreCheap, easy to learn, no gas, high volumeDIY, wind, sheet metal, fabrication, repairs
Multi-ProcessSpace and Cost savingsComplex projects